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No Sew Fleece Pet Bed

Hello Again! Little the cat here with another fun project that you can make for your furry little friends! This no sew fleece pet bed is easy to make plus the supplies that you need to put it all together can be found very inexpensively at most discount stores. With a little imagination, you could make these simple, cozy pet beds in lots of different colors and shapes as well. I made this cozy bed for my little friend Bijou who seems to really like it. This is a photo of Bijou demonstrating how cozy these pet beds are.

Here are my step by step instructions!
To get started you will need two pieces of polar fleece that are the same size. For the pet bed that I made, I used two square pieces of polar fleece that were 26 inches square. Remember that you can use this same technique to create a pet bed in different shapes and colors. I am using a simple shape for demonstration purposes. If you decide to make a different shaped pet bed, it may be easier for you to start out by making a simple square pet ped first. Then after you have mastered the technique you may find it easier to make other shapes of pet beds such as hearts or circles.

Once I had my two pieces of polar fleece, I then cut a four inch square from each corner of the two peices. Next I placed the two polar fleece pieces on top of each other evenly and carefully cut 1 inch wide x 4 inch long fringe along each edge. (Be sure that both the top and bottom pieces of polar fleece remain even while cutting your fringe, so that the fringe on both pieces matches up when you are finished cutting.

Once you have your fringe cut, you simply knot the top and bottom pieces of polar fleece together. With the two pieces of polar fleece still laying one on top of the other, Begin at a corner by taking a piece of fringe from the top piece of polar fleece. Then pick up the matching piece of fringe from the bottom piece of polar fleece. Tie them together in a simple double knot. Continue knotting the top and bottom fringe together until you have only one end that is not knotted.

At this point you will want to put some fiber fill in your pet bed to make it nice and soft for your pet. To make your pet bed cozy, only fill it lightly with fiberfill so that it is not packed tight. This will make a much softer bed that your pet can sink into for a comfy fit. If you are making your pet bed for a feline, you could also insert some cat nip inside of it before knotting the end of your pet bed closed.

Well there you have it. A simple, cozy and cute pet bed that you can make to show your pet how much you care. Please be sure that this type of pet bed is appropriate for the pet that it is intended for, before giving it to them. I'm just going to test this pet bed out a bit before I give it to Bijou. I want to make sure that it passes my comfy test. Until next time. Your Little Paws Pet Club President, Little....zzz...

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